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Thursday, October 20, 2005

right. saving the world. check.

Wow. What a busy and rollercoasty time the past few weeks have been. I've been growing my marketing and management consultancy for the good stuff: art, culture, green, sustainable. And it suddenly grew very quickly. My consulting endeavors are paying off, tons to keep me busy and brainy. Business plans and marketing plans and market scans. Copywriting and budgeting and projected P&Ls.

Good projects I'm working with: a brilliant anti-corporation start-up (lots more later...it's thrilling), a design/fabrication firm doing LEEDs-point-worthy concrete fixtures, a seeecret club start-up, an ex-corporate designer starting a beautiful collection of office and home stuff. _And_ I get to help a really great organization getting computers into K-12 classrooms.

I'm so proud of my clients. They rule. Rarely have I had the opportunity to write Excel formulas for such good people doing such good work.

I might maybe have found my niche. I love starting things. And christ, apparently my office is in the right place.