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Saturday, November 26, 2005


After whirlwind of slide-making, Susan Vowell and I presented for two hours on Earned Revenue Strategy at the AICPA gathering of NFP financial executives. I 'met' Susan by phone on Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday at 8am we were killing a room of nonprofit CFOs.

In the incoming revenue stream at a nonprofit, earned revenue is distinct from contributed revenue. Earned revenue, essentially, comes from selling things or services--as opposed to contributed revenue which is composed of donations. As the market has become increasingly competitive, some types of revenue have switched teams. Memberships and corporate sponsorships have essentially transitioned from (mostly) being philanthropic contributed revenues to (mostly) being earned revenue exchanges.

Most of what I do as a consultant is earned revenue strategy. I'll be back soon with presentation highlights, and what we learned from participants.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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