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Monday, February 25, 2008


Smitten by a smart blog post today, on a lesson I'll likely be learning for the rest of my life. Ask for help when you need it, and give it as much as you can.

A rash of friends have been getting their hearts broken lately, and I'm finally healing from the most exhausting work I've ever done. Expressing gratitude has helped lots...even my birthday invites were included thank you notes. If I could write a letter to spring, I'd do that too.

Read it all: Lessons to remember.

Y told me about some difficult times she has had ~ about that low point that many (only a few?) of us reach when we have been dragged down by doubt ~ in ourselves and in others. For some, that point means forgetting all the great things about yourself. So many of us have done things to try to feel better about ourselves and/or numb the pain ~ some sleep around, some drink, some run away, many of us bury ourselves in work so we're not distracted by the emotions we don't know what to do with ~ some of us write about it so we don't have to live it. We all do something about it, for better or worse. Y did something about it, too.

One day she sent an email to some friends and family and, I say through sheer courage, she says through sheer need to survive, she asked them all simply, "Tell me something good about myself; I need to hear it."

Good job sheltering the hope, Y.


Michaela said...

Thanks for that nice thought to start my weekend with, R. You are an awesome, creative, and amazing dresser girl and I'm so psyched I finally made your acquaintance. Hopefully influence from you and Agent Handy will keep me from getting sucked into the east coast, mire. Even the smile on your face cracks me up. Rock on, yo.

Michaela said...

Incidentally, I just read your blog motto (in the banner) and would like to point out that once during a terrorism simulation, I pretended to brief the president with a post-it mustache on my face, and I didn't get fired :oP

Anonymous said...

R!! Find me!!