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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An entire city made of paper

Just as I arrived this morning chessboards were the hot topic. Everyone wanted to play, and the kid with the board was gone. So we started making chessboards. I googled images to figure out the number of squares (8x8), and kids cut out circles for checkers (12 each). We colored like mad. A young brother and sister were almost finished when their older sister arrived to tell them they were moving on to their new house. Off they went, supplies to finish quickly combined in a spare plastic grocery bag. And they were gone.

826 was blessed and plagued by a small boy in a red shirt. He'd wheedle in between a tutor and the kids the were coloring with. He'd tear through our tables, scattering everything within reach across the polished concrete floors. He'd run into the pushbar emergency exit doors at top speed and escape out of the residential area. He'd hit, and threaten with scisors.

While all of this was going on serious urban planning was underway. Or lack of planning. Three palates of flattened cardboard boxes were being speedily transformed into a city. It wasn't clear if the tutors or the kids declared it was New Orleans, but New Orleans it was.

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