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Monday, September 12, 2005

in motion

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I'm new. New to volunteering* with a SF-based nonprofit, 826 Valencia. I'm also newly ensconced in Houston's Hilton Americas, as are an unknown quantity of nattily dressed businessmen, and an also unknown--but greater--quantity of nattily dressed Hurricane Katrina refugees. There may well be more volunteers with other orgs, more our modest crew of a dozen, but I haven't met them yet.

Tomorrow I head out to Reliant City (RC) with our crew. Tonight the early team recapped the day's adventures. They arrived and connected with the team from the Houston Children's Museum, whose carpeted and video game-filled tent is set up in RC's parking-lot-turned-town-square. The museum's temporary outpost was nixed for being inconducive to tutoring and creative writing with kids. After long wandering through the vast convention center the 826'ers settled on a place to call home. They set up shop. And kids came. They have good stories from today. And sad stories. I'll post my own stories tomorrow.

*826 Valencia volunteering experience to date:
9/8-Performed several mail merges in MS Word, applied resulting labels to envelopes.
9/9- Assisted 6 high school seniors with the initial stages of drafting UC admissions essays in their classroom at Leadership High.
9/12-Flew on plane to Houston to spend week setting up/ staffing 826 Reliant City. Boldly.

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