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Monday, May 01, 2006

Not so bad at all.

Wow. A whirlwind two weeks in Rachelland. This weekend: Finch Mob gatherings in the gallery, the basement/performance space and the tippity tip of the Panhandle. Saw many yummy people: Dicky, Leslie, Scott Polly, Eddie, Rebecca Charlie Pouneh, Travelin, Bex, Marcus. Also on Sautrday, Chicken's puppet benefit. (After a total crash...slept 20 hours Saturday.) And Ladytron Friday. And before that the BRAF benefit, Flip Your Lid.

Before that it gets fuzzy...there was the Makers Faire weekend, the Catfish/Earthquake Party, Hale's amazing easter brunch where I got to re-meet Andy Tannehil, and buckets of good work getting done: fundraising for the ScrapHouse documentary (headed to air on National Geographic), working on ScrapEden for BRAF, wrapping up things for CUE and meetings with Mayumi.

I'm so happy to be working with so many people doing good work.

Looking forward to the NetSquared conference.

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