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Thursday, November 16, 2006

San Francisco

A guy asks a guy how he likes living in New York:
"It's great," he said. "Everybody's insane with loneliness, but that's OK. After a while you realize that's part of the edge."

I was hit with a paradox. I wanted to be in New York, I wanted to be "part of the edge", but I didn't want to be "insane with loneliness". Was one necessary in order to have the other? Was it a price worth paying? To this day, I still have no answer.

A couple of months later (July, '98) I drew this, sitting on a barstool. Thinking back to that conversation with Mark, suddenly I had a realization: The simple truth about New York is that people don't go there to give. They go there to take, or at least, to get. If you feel like giving, good for you, somewhere an angel is smiling yada yada yada, just don't expect other people to follow your example. And if you're feeling lonely, at least now you now know why. http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/000729.html (dooooown to Fanelli's)

Right. So San Francisco is not like that, not for me. My business contacts are friends. My parties have invite lists of 100+ because I actually _like_ that many people...and those are just the ones I really like. Life is good, and San Francisco is fantastic.

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