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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dynamic hubs for beginners

A NGO asked for help on how to integrate streaming third-party content (Twitter stream) and burbs/buttons (for Facebook.)

My response:

I'm delighted to learn that you're looking for ways to integrate your social media presence into your homepage.

Is your goal to connect your different points of online presence on your homepage? Here are examples of different ways to use social media buttons on your homepage:

Twitter offers official buttons here. Many sites just download a Twitter or Facebook button from another site and use it on theirs.

Is your goal to reuse and integrate dynamic content into an otherwise static homepage? Twitter is a great way to do this. Twitter has an easy official widget you can drop in to a website to pipe in your tweets.

I'd highly recommend crafting a Social Media Strategy that's based on your Communication Plan. We Are Media is a great resource to use when writing your Social Media Strategy. (Disclosure: I helped NTEN and Beth Kanter crowdsource this resource.)

More on We Are Media about Twitter for nonprofits, and Facebook for nonprofits.

I'd love to hear what other nonprofits are doing with social media on their homepages. Please leave a comment here, and let me know what you're experimenting with.

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