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Monday, April 19, 2010

Where should an Executive Director new to social media start?

My strongest recommendation for starting out in social media is to find an online conversation that you're passionate about (either personal or professional--as long as you're passionate about it!)

In response to @afine's great question I posted this comment:
I usually listen for a while at a dinner party, or in a new meeting before speaking--that's what I do online too. If you're used to jumping right in to a conversation, you can try that approach online too.

Once you've found that conversation, engage in it to the point where you feel like you've finally come home, the point where you feel like you've found your long lost tribe.

Whether the conversation is about labradoodles, parenting, or supporting a fight against cancer--when someone experiences that feeling of belonging they have the fuel to start building a successful personal or organizational social media practice.

EDs have the power to make people belong, to inspire action, and to listen deeply to the communities they serve.

Where did you start your path in social media? What do you recommend?

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